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Della Nova

Pagan Pathways Temple
Madison Heights, Michigan
Being young, creative, and driven to succeed motivates me to explore and experience all the good things life has to offer.

I live my life with a passion to do well in whatever I put my mind to. I have always worked diligently in school in order to learn as much as possible. I have also put my best hard-working efforts to succeed in every job throughout my career.

It is my great desire to inspire others with this passion for life as well. I want to meet new people and also be inspired by their successes.

I am interested in the arts, cooking healthy whole foods, staying fit, and meeting people. My main hobbies include: Drawing, Reading, Cooking, and Socializing.

My greatest skill is my ability to communicate well, including written (emails, knowledge articles, training articles) and spoken (phone, meetings, speeches). My other skills include: ability to organize tasks and information, editing and proofreading, technical support expertise, and graphic design.