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Amie Lynn Albright-Kelley

Milan, Michigan
This is the FB page for all my Vamp, Pagan, Goth, Rennie...etc people. It is also to spare the people that don't really want to hear me complain about how much my life sucks a brake. I would like to focus on my Spiritual side. I'm hoping I can wake her up a little bit and get back into doing rituals, and all the things I used to do before life got insane. However, I am not going to bend over backwards to impress anyone. This is going to be a very real experiment in regaining my spirituality and self identity. I feel like it is right to end this with "namaste"

PS. For relationships I'm looking for Women, or goth/feminine guys.. I'm very picky..and have to be physically attracted to you... so I might love you to itty bitty pieces...but not be physically attracted...and there for not going to date you....so if you hit on me and I turn you down... that's why...I'm not trying to be mean or hurt your feelings..but I'm also going to be trying to be honest with people, and not just try and avoid questions to save feelings... lastly, this is very important... IF YOU WANT ANY CHANCE AT ME ACCEPTING YOUR FRIEND REQUEST ....YOU MUST WRITE SOMETHING, especially if you're a guy...sorry guys there are too many creepers out there... IF YOU KNOW ME, TELL ME HOW. otherwise I will not add you. sorry.
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